Why having a tough first job is good for your future career


There is a young lady that shared with me that she is having a tough time. After her graduation, she found a job as a wealth planner working for one of the top banks in Singapore.

She is based in the branch which requires her to work on a 6 days week. 6 days week? I thought banks no longer open on Saturdays?

She sighed and said well this bank did.

I understand. Times are hard. And even with the glamorized name of a wealth planner you would have your branch manager breathing down your neck on the sales target.

She nodded her head.

When your first job is tough

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It is better to start off with a tough job when you are young, ambitious and determined. Why?

Because the job would toughen you. It will give you the experience that no books, courses or seminars can and will ever do.

Trust me on this because I speak from experience. I also landed on the top company in my field after graduation. The company was tough to get in and is most well known for its sales outreach and after sales service.

The first year was tough as I learned the ropes but I stuck to it. I left the company after 9.5 years.

By the time I got into the second company, it took me a while to get used to the relatively slow pace of work. And it made my work stand out from others.

I was also surprised that I had picked up a lot of skills and experience from my first tough job that become invaluable in my second job. I did not realize it but when I encountered issues at work, my mind was able to figure out solutions. If not, I know how to get solutions.

That is why I advised the young lady not to give up. If she can survive at one of the toughest place, future jobs would seemed like a walk in the park.

There is no teacher like experience. You are not going to remain in entry level or junior executive forever right? Eventually if you move up the corporate ladder the experience would be invaluable.

Compared that to smooth talking managers, hired from outside that goes into meeting and basically talk crap. In no time, big bosses would see through them when there is all talk but no results.

Todate, the best leaders that I have met are either those who have started from the bottom or started from the toughest job.

So hang on there friend. Don’t give up ya.

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