Channeling your creativity towards a successful career/ business


If you are creative by nature and do not like the restrictive corporate culture (fixed working hours, sit in office the whole day and the depressing commute), it does not mean that you need to resign to the fact that you will be poor for the rest of your life.

Learn to channel your creativity in a career or business that would appeal to you.

You may find that it is hard to sell paintings or make crafts in order to make a comfortable living. Also, if people make nasty comments on our labor of love, we may tend to take it very personally. This can seriously impact your feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

However, you can allow your creativity to flow to other areas, you may find that you can earn a good living because of your creativity.

Channeling creativity at work

For example,
If you are good in art, you may consider going into graphic design or web design. Or you could also offer art classes to children and adults. A creative person that I know set up her own art studio teach drawing and crafts to both children and adults. Other than that, she also accept corporate work such as wall painting and selling paintings.

Or you can also open your own Etsy shop and sell product related to your craft such as designing and making stickers, scrapbook items, planners, organizers. From your venture, you can also design courses teaching people how to start an Etsy store or make stickers.

If you love cooking, you may be a food blogger- taking good pictures of your food or those served in restaurants that you visit. Eventually you may start to hone in your photography and video taking skills- making YouTube videos on cooking and earning passive income.

In your day job, you can incorporate your creativity in designing marketing brochures and launching effective marketing programs. Let your creativity flow and explore answers or alternatives to solutions that never have been thought off by others. Eventually, your skills would get noticed and you would be able to advance in your career.

If you love listening and writing poems, novels or songs, you may consider a career that involves copywriting and communication. Because of your creativity, you can develop a distinct style of writing that many people may find it appealing and inspiring. You may be able to write and explain a concept in a very unusual but interesting way or write sentences that make people feel as if you are speaking directly to them.

If you love to write novels, you can also consider a career in communication, process improvement and PR. You will be able to expand your mind, think of various scenarios and effectively communicate this through writing. It is a very valued skill in the corporate world because for some reasons, not many people like to write.

It is really possible

I did not consider myself a creative person when I was growing up as I was hopeless in art and crafts. However when I was very stressed out studying for my pre-university exams, suddenly I have intense interest in crafts. My friend had showed me a couple of beaded hairclips that her mom had and I instantly went out to buy metal barrettes and beads. I was then replicating the designs and had such a fun time learning to do it on my own that it helped to relax and destress me from exams. Of course I forced myself to stop when it became totally necessarily to study. Somehow the renewed energy has taken off the stress in studying.

I resumed my craft work and dreamt of becoming a crafter. It was not to be as I got accepted in the local university and went ahead to pursue my studies. But for the next few years I continue making crafts in my past time.

After I graduated, I find a corporate job in customer service. Even though I love helping people solve their problems, I still dream of quitting my job to be a crafter during the early years of my career.

During that time, there were many people who make a full time selling their crafts online. However eventually as mass produced Made in China products that comes in a much cheaper price started to flow into American and Europe markets, crafters are finding it hard to make a living. I also did a realistic check by calculating the amount of hours spent making a craft and how much I could sell it for. The end result, it was way below minimum wage. I could earn more working at McDonalds.

However the crafters have built their own websites to showcase their creations. I love going to their websites and thought of building my own. I started to explore building my own. Then of course, there has to be content so I started writing the content. In no time I started getting visitors and enjoy interacting with them and adding more content. I spent a lot of time after work writing content and learning to improve my sites.

It is that interest and skill that eventually lead to me getting transfers to departments that I wanted. We have just started an email team to guide customers who were using our corporate website. I requested and got the job. Eventually when there is a vacancy in the intranet division, I was also offered the job. I used my experience managing my sites to help me change the navigation structure and make the site more user friendly. I also wrote useful content to help my staff to obtain information to help the customers. It was something I loved doing and did it exceptionally well because my passion.

No matter how crappy the operating system of the information portal is, I’ve learned that most important is the site must be user friendly and the content constantly updated. I’ve even inheritated an information portal on a very dinosaur program- using basic html scripts writing on notepad to build static html pages. But ironically, most of my staff loved it because the navigation was so simple and it was easy for them to get information (of course eventually it got upgraded to using Joomla platform).

For me, I was fortunate enough to end up doing what I love and had the job custom-made for me through using creativity in another form.
If I could do it, I am sure you could too 🙂

In essence,
Creativity is a valuable gift. It does not mean that if you are creative in art then you would be confined to only drawing. You may end up totally at a different field that you originally started….and ain’t that an exciting adventure. To slowly through trial and error discover your potential and get paid well doing what you love?

There is a natural flow in the creative energy. Do not suppress the flow, but do not let it get out of control either (ie refusing to go to work or study for exams because you must finish that artwork).

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