Why having a tough first job is good for your future career

There is a young lady that shared with me that she is having a tough time. After her graduation, she found a job as a wealth planner working for one of the top banks in Singapore. She is based in the branch which requires her to work on a 6 days week. 6 days week? [...]

Channeling your creativity towards a successful career/ business

Channeling creativity at work

If you are creative by nature and do not like the restrictive corporate culture (fixed working hours, sit in office the whole day and the depressing commute), it does not mean that you need to resign to the fact that you will be poor for the rest of your life. Learn to channel your creativity [...]

How to improve your language communication, both written and spoken

I’ve always been a slow learner when it comes to languages. When I was in Form 5- I took the 1119 English and you know what I scored? C6- I just barely passed. Previously, the teachers and me all believed that I was stupid and an underperformer in school. It took me a long time- [...]