Quit or Stay?

Should you resign from your job to be a stay at home mom?

Art teacher

A dear friend of mine made the conscious choice to resign from her corporate job to concentrate on raising her kids. She is very intelligent with good academic results and worked for a well known company. But as she become a mother, she felt she wanted to give the best to her children. It has [...]

Should you just quit your job and go travelling?

quit job to go travelling?

I believe there must be a number of people out there who are seriously thinking of resigning from their jobs go either go for a lower paying job or go travelling. Since I have experience quiting my job and end up going for travelling, let me share my experience with you: Actually, as I have [...]

Do you still want to be a hawker…or are just burnt out from your job?

To be a hawker or not?

Even after reading the previous article, you may be sorely tempted to just get out and just be a hawker rather than to take the mental stress. Well, at least you’re your own boss and no one dictates how you should do your work, etc. And selling food generally requires very low startup and the [...]

6 Considerations Before You Quit Your Day Job (Without a Job)

Most people will quit their current day job after finding a better opportunity with another company. But how about those who intend to quit without having a job? The following are considerations that you need to make before making the decision: 1. Questions the real reasons why you want to leave your job You will [...]

Is it worth quitting your job when you cannot get along with your boss?

Do not get along with your boss

Recently I have two friends (who do not know one another) who could not get along with their immediate bosses. The condition were so bad that both of them wanted to just throw in the letter and quit. There is only one problem…. both of them have got lots of financial commitments. Without the stability [...]

Quit the rat race, but have a day job to pay the bills

The approach we use for menial job makes a difference

If you are considering leaving the rat race behind and to go freelance or to work for yourself, I strongly recommend that you read the book Escape from Corporate America by Pamela Skillings before you take the plunge. Writing from experience of her own and years of consulting clients, she brought up a lot of relevant [...]