Lessons I’ve learnt from taking paycut job

When the cause is not what it seemed

There is a video that went viral about a man who quit his $80k job, sold his expensive home, downsized his life and worked in a grocery shop 3 days a week: He mentioned about how unhappy he was in his corporate job. Basically he had a nice government job and with the money, he [...]

Should you work for a cause, or work for the pay?

Sometimes a cause is not what it seems

Someone I knew worked for close to 20 years with a company that on the outward seemed to focus on a cause that she believed in. So she put in the weekends and work during hours that people would be socializing. The pay was low because ‘profit’ was not supposed to be the bottomline.  She [...]

Should you take a pay cut in exchange for a life of inner quality?

Daily grind of commuting to work

When working in a typical fast paced and highly stress corporate environment, you may find that the mind, stressed and used to the max, would probably be working in an almost auto-pilot mode. We wake up (often with great reluctance), dress up, go to work, looking forward to lunch. After lunch, we work, suffer the [...]