Job Environment

Why indulging in office gossip and politics can ruin our life

Office gossip and politics are not contusive for our karma, health and happiness. And yet, most of us can’t help but are involved in them. It instilled negative feeling and drains our energies. Say your colleague who is very close to you totally dislikes someone because of some ‘good and justified reasons’. After a while, [...]

Should You Work in Shifts or Regular Hours?

Do you prefer to work in shifts or to work regular hours? I have worked both in regular and shift duty hence I could see the advantage and disadvantages of both sides. Here are some benefits/advantages of working in shift duty as opposed to regular hours: a. It’s very easy to run errands- you can [...]

Overcoming Bullying- in workplace and in life

Almost everyone had the experience of being bullied or belittled. Bullies exist in school- we thought that we have escaped them but these people come back in the form of the boss, co-workers and even in our personal relationships. But the fact is, bullies are just insecure and fearful people who try to hide behind [...]

How a Boss Can Deal with a Difficult Employee

Most often, bosses are afraid to offer constructive feedback to their staff, especially if it is a negative feedback for fear of backlash. It takes courage and good leadership skills to be able to tell the staff that he/she is having some weakness that undermine the staff’s work performance without angering the staff. Some employees [...]

A simple way of coping with difficult people

Learn to look at the situation differently

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to work with someone that you honestly detest or do not like? How bout a boss who constantly pick on your mistakes but praises others? A boss/acquaintance/spouse/team members/etc who always seemed to single out all the unfavorable treatment and reserve them exclusively for you? I [...]