Career Choice

When your dreams just keep haunting you

Dream- Set Goals- Action

If you have dreams constantly haunting you to be realized, these dreams would probably never die till you do something about them. And when you do something about them, there are two likely outcomes: You lived your life because you live your dreams You realized that realty is not really as what it seems, and [...]

What to do when you follow your heart but start to doubt yourself?

Follow your heart

When you follow your heart, you are going against the stream. Because majority of the people that you know have long since learnt to numb the voice in their hearts- due to childhood conditioning or due to their belief that they could never earn a living doing what they love. And you become the minority [...]

Keep your dreams to yourself when your loved ones do not support you

Do not give up when people do not believe in you

Wise people would advise us to keep our dreams to ourselves or risk giving it up altogether. Recently I read a book that teaches a person how to achieve our vocation in life. According to the author, each of us is born with a life vocation- a sort of mission in life that we need [...]

From bad boy to businessman to a contended salaried worker

Happy as a salary worker

Once, a person who worked in the same office building as me shared with me some experience about his life and how he has developed optimism in life and faith in God. When he was young, he was a bad boy- he was involved in gangsterism and have beaten people up. He had also done a [...]