Career Choice

Should you become a mutual fund or direct selling agent?

Become an agent

I am sure you have been approached by friends from direct selling companies, mutual funds, insurance and real estate agents who tried to sell you the ‘dream’ of earning unlimited passive income. They promised that you usually need to work hard initially but once you are established, the money will follow. Usually it would be [...]

So you want to be a hawker to escape your job’s stress?

Be a hawker to escape job stress?

When the situation at work gets very tough, either when we absolutely dislike our jobs or when we are looking for jobs and cannot find any within our qualified scope, we are often tempted to just come out and earn a living doing…anything. During that difficult time when job assignment sucks, or we have a [...]

Should you accept that job promotion or better offer?

Once a friend called me up to ask for my opinion on whether she should be accepting a better job offer with higher pay, title and responsibility. That got me thinking to write about this post- because I was once in a crossroad just as my friend was in.  A good pep talk from someone [...]

Why I went back to the corporate world (the second time)

Consoling ourselves by spending on shopping

I resigned from my first corporate job in 2008. Took a one year break, followed by a paycut job. In 2010, I went back to the corporate world a second time until last year where I decided to resign to be a full time caregiver to my mom who needs me. If you need a [...]

When your dreams just keep haunting you

Dream- Set Goals- Action

If you have dreams constantly haunting you to be realized, these dreams would probably never die till you do something about them. And when you do something about them, there are two likely outcomes: You lived your life because you live your dreams You realized that realty is not really as what it seems, and [...]