Unfair work distribution? Consolation of doing others’ work

Unfair work distribution

You would have encountered the situation whereby work that were supposed to be done by other colleagues/department gets allocated to you. I’ve met different types of colleagues in my working life (which you may be able to relate): The tai chi king and queens- those who try to justify and push their work to others. [...]

How to work in corporate life and not sell your soul

Corporate life

Some people may have the intrinsic realization that there are more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. However, one gets confused and torn when the people and media are portraying trying to convince us otherwise. If you have been feeling that, this article is for you. Perhaps you may resonate with my life experience [...]

A story of my teacher who was stuck teaching a subject that she hated

Physics teacher who hated physics

I would like to share the story of one of my teachers in high school. She became a teacher in my high school fresh out of teacher’s training college. As she was a junior teacher, she was assigned to teach Physics. And our class (form 4) was assigned to her. Now, that should not be [...]

Why Not Everyone Chooses to be Workaholic or Performer at Work

No such thing as perfect job

Everyone come to work to earn a living. In a working environment, there will be various mixture and variants of people- kind, nasty, naive, helpful, trustworthy, cannot be trusted, hardworking, lazy, reliable, responsible, self starter, etc. It’s no good to label someone as being lazy or lack of initiative just because the person does not [...]

When you are just too burnt out to even smile

Unhappy with job because it clashes with personal values

Period of prolonged stress and pressure robs even the most optimistic and cheerful person the ability to smile. All of sudden, the world seemed to be a depressing place with all the blood sucking vampires wanting something out of you. Sometimes we give and give and when things do not come back as expected, we [...]

Teach with passion and you may just change someone’s life

If you are a teacher feeling that what you do does not matter,  I want to tell you that it is totally not true. A teacher carries a profound impact more than he or she knows. This is especially true for elementary and high school teachers who can make an impact in someone else’s life. [...]

How to forgive your parents and your incompetent boss

Sometimes we feel that our parents have wreck our lives because they are alcoholics, promiscuous, divorced, etc…..and cannot forgive them because (our story here-) ‘that is because of them that I am an alcoholic/cannot commit to any relationships’. Using conventional psychology and Freudian to analyze the situation, we may have reasons to thank our parents [...]

Finding Happiness at Work

How do you view your current work? Is it a job, career or a calling? Here’s what I remembered from the recent book that I read on The Art of Happiness at Work, written from interviews with The Dalai Lama: As a job: you work just solely for the money- after all, money pays the [...]

Even though the job sucks, give it your best

Even a garbage collector can be happy- real story

Andrew Matthews mentioned in his book that we should always give our best in all the work that we do, even though we are not particularly thrilled about it and even though we are stuck in death end jobs that we do not like. In his book, Happiness Now, he gave an example of a [...]