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Physics teacher who hated physics

A story of my teacher who was stuck teaching a subject that she hated

I would like to share the story of one of my teachers in high school. She became a teacher in ...
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To be a hawker or not?

Do you still want to be a hawker…or are just burnt out from your job?

Even after reading the previous article, you may be sorely tempted to just get out and just be a hawker ...
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Be a hawker to escape job stress?

So you want to be a hawker to escape your job’s stress?

When the situation at work gets very tough, either when we absolutely dislike our jobs or when we are looking ...
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6 Considerations Before You Quit Your Day Job (Without a Job)

Most people will quit their current day job after finding a better opportunity with another company. But how about those ...
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Do not get along with your boss

Is it worth quitting your job when you cannot get along with your boss?

Recently I have two friends (who do not know one another) who could not get along with their immediate bosses ...
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Should you start a shop selling crafts, gifts and souvenirs?

This article is meant for crafters and creatives who are considering setting up a business selling their creations or other ...
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No such thing as perfect job

Why Not Everyone Chooses to be Workaholic or Performer at Work

Everyone come to work to earn a living. In a working environment, there will be various mixture and variants of ...
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Why indulging in office gossip and politics can ruin our life

Office gossip and politics are not contusive for our karma, health and happiness. And yet, most of us can’t help ...
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Unhappy with job because it clashes with personal values

When you are just too burnt out to even smile

Period of prolonged stress and pressure robs even the most optimistic and cheerful person the ability to smile. All of ...
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Can joining direct selling make you rich?

An example of an excellent salesman

There are reasons why we buy products from certain companies instead of others. Most potential clients would form the first ...
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