If you have come to this blog looking for some tips in how to rise in the corporate ladder and earn 6 figure income,  you have come to the wrong place.

You are not going to find the advice in how to hustle, sell your soul, ‘ethically’ stab someone’s back and move up doing a job that you absolutely hate. There is no point because then you would be one of those guys or gals who would be constantly seen within the outer perimeter of a large company puffing your lungs away to numb in the stress and inner unhappiness. And then what’s the point if eventually you either end up broke or having to use the money to cure a totally preventable chronic illness?

There are things that you can learn to compromise and there are things that are non negotiable. You just need to know which is which.

Also, I am not going to get all idealistic and ask you to work for a cause because I have seen that some people are being manipulated into working for a cause but the organization’s ultimate bottom line is profit.

Or throw caution in the wind and throw in a resignation letter to your boss’s face so that you can resign and be a full time blogger when you have financial commitments and have a family to feed.

The objective of this blog is for you to be able to make peace and to be able to work in a job that you are able to find meaning and at the same time earn you a good livelihood. Even if you are stuck in a job that you do not love (most people are), or if you love your job but cannot stand your colleagues or your boss, should you leave or should you stay?

I would be sharing a lot of my experience with you in this blog. Most important, don’t make the kind of mistake that I am seeing a lot of people are doing… work on a job that they hate, indulge in bad habits that sabotaj their health in order to numb these feelings….and then when they finally retire, they either have to spend a huge chunk of their money for treatments or they live alone and bitter because their long estranged kids left them. And they become bitter and resentful.

In this blog, I would not be pushing affiliate products in your face, unless it is a book or something that has benefited me a lot. But you would probably be annoyed with advertisements plastered all over this blog because it is a way for my blog to survive… paying for hosting and to cover some of my living expenses.

About Me

I came from a background where my family worked hard without much external support. I told myself I am going to succeed, earn lots of money and to proof to people who looked down on us how wrong they were.

From the time I was 17 years old, I started working during every semester break to gain experience. I was a data entry clerk, personal assistant (for a few times), laboratory assistant and telemarketer. I helped one of my boss to successfully organize a conference in a hotel…from booking the place to calling his contacts even before I had real working experience.

Also, working all these jobs made me realize my interest- that I did not like dealing with chemicals for the rest of my life (I was studying to be a chemist). I like interacting with people but hated to do sales. So I figured I wanted to be in customer service line.

By the time I graduated, I spent time looking for jobs in the service industry. Through the help of my mom’s daughter, I got a phone interview- but I was told hiring was strict because the company only would hire overseas graduate.

The interviewer was so impressed with me that I was hired. I was hardworking and things look bright and promising. I also became egoistical and proud, and was impatient.

Then tragedy struck. My mom got diagnosed with tonsil cancer and three days after the operation, my dad went into a coma from stroke attack. Eventually my dad passed away. My mom was in the hospital during that time and was too weak to attend the funeral. I was very young then but had to make a lot of the decision.

As I stood before my dad’s coffin, I felt my world falling apart. I knew if I were to have all the money in the world, it could not bring my dad back. And it could not guarantee my mom would survive her cancer. The days that followed would be my mom’s radiotherapy sessions.

What I went through was so traumatizing that I would never wished it even on my worst enemy. But it gave me a rude jolt that I was simply going to the wrong direction in my life. Success, fame and money does not matter if you are neglecting the priorities that are the most important to you.

After my realization, I still had to spend many years to fine tune and balance between the demands of my work and my family. You can learn to do your job well without sacrificing your core values. You can learn to be a good leader and serve others …and the same time being paid to do well.

Through trial and error, I was able to identify my interests and do really well at it. I was able to also find meaning and peace in working in the corporate world where the bottom line is profit by changing my mindset. You can work for a big company but you need not sell your soul.

My area of work was very specific- intranets and communication. My first boss created that position and fine tuned it to suit my talents. I worked with department heads and those of higher position but my favourite is being with my front end staff and the team leaders who served our customers. I liked being with them and taking to them, getting the feedback of customers and communicating it back to decision makers. Working in the ‘ground’ to know what is really going in.

However after working for many years in the corporate world, I resigned last year to be a full time caregiver for my mom. It was the right thing to do and I’ve no regrets even though it has been more than a year. In between I am resuming blogging and I hope I would be able to share some of my journey of my working life in this blog with you.


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