Stuck at A career crossroad?

Stuck in a job that you do not like and feel like quitting? Unsure if you should go for your passion or for job security?  Or simply unsure of what is it that you want to do for a living?

Here, you would find articles related to careers dilemma, decisions and considerations. I  wish to sincerely share with you based on my own experience and those of others. 

Hopefully you would be able to find the answer that you need here. 

Recent Posts:

Unfair work distribution

Unfair work distribution? Consolation of doing others’ work

You would have encountered the situation whereby work that were supposed to be done by other colleagues/department gets allocated to ...
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Channeling creativity at work

Channeling your creativity towards a successful career/ business

If you are creative by nature and do not like the restrictive corporate culture (fixed working hours, sit in office ...
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Corporate life

How to work in corporate life and not sell your soul

Some people may have the intrinsic realization that there are more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. However, one ...
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Commission cuts uncertainty- what you can do about it

Prudential agents rally against cut in commission

Today I saw the news that about 4000 agents are rallying due to the announcement by Prudential Malaysia to implement ...
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Art teacher

Should you resign from your job to be a stay at home mom?

A dear friend of mine made the conscious choice to resign from her corporate job to concentrate on raising her ...
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Become an agent

Should you become a mutual fund or direct selling agent?

I am sure you have been approached by friends from direct selling companies, mutual funds, insurance and real estate agents ...
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