Even though the job sucks, give it your best

Even a garbage collector can be happy- real story

Andrew Matthews mentioned in his book that we should always give our best in all the work that we do, even though we are not particularly thrilled about it and even though we are stuck in death end jobs that we do not like. In his book, Happiness Now, he gave an example of a [...]

Being mindful when working can increase your performance and job satisfaction

The approach we use for menial job makes a difference

When we are not tensed, or consistently keep placing high expectations in order to perform, we may surprise ourselves that the results are usually higher than our expectations. It’s very important- when you are doing any tasks (work or household chores), do it with your heart and give it your best. Relaxed and just tell [...]

Are you unhappy at work because the job clashes with your personal values?

Unhappy with job because it clashes with personal values

Firstly, you have to access yourself honestly and know what are your core values and beliefs. There are people who can never compromise their personal beliefs for money- for when they do so, there may be lots of inner conflicts and unhappiness. Some indications that you are unhappy with your job because it clashes with your [...]

Tips from a successful corporate figure

Case Study
Tips from successful corporate figure

Even though this interview is almost 10 years old, it is still relevant in today’s working world. There is a very good article that I came across from The Star Bizweek with Tengku Zafrul Aziz under the Business section of “Your 10 Questions”. Each week, a public figure will be picked to answer 10 questions. I [...]

A simple way of coping with difficult people

Job Environment
Learn to look at the situation differently

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to work with someone that you honestly detest or do not like? How bout a boss who constantly pick on your mistakes but praises others? A boss/acquaintance/spouse/team members/etc who always seemed to single out all the unfavorable treatment and reserve them exclusively for you? I [...]

Lessons I’ve learnt from taking paycut job

When the cause is not what it seemed

There is a video that went viral about a man who quit his $80k job, sold his expensive home, downsized his life and worked in a grocery shop 3 days a week: He mentioned about how unhappy he was in his corporate job. Basically he had a nice government job and with the money, he [...]

Why I went back to the corporate world (the second time)

Career Choice
Consoling ourselves by spending on shopping

I resigned from my first corporate job in 2008. Took a one year break, followed by a paycut job. In 2010, I went back to the corporate world a second time until last year where I decided to resign to be a full time caregiver to my mom who needs me. If you need a [...]

Should you work for a cause, or work for the pay?

Sometimes a cause is not what it seems

Someone I knew worked for close to 20 years with a company that on the outward seemed to focus on a cause that she believed in. So she put in the weekends and work during hours that people would be socializing. The pay was low because ‘profit’ was not supposed to be the bottomline.  She [...]

Should you take a pay cut in exchange for a life of inner quality?

Daily grind of commuting to work

When working in a typical fast paced and highly stress corporate environment, you may find that the mind, stressed and used to the max, would probably be working in an almost auto-pilot mode. We wake up (often with great reluctance), dress up, go to work, looking forward to lunch. After lunch, we work, suffer the [...]

Quit the rat race, but have a day job to pay the bills

Quit or Stay?
The approach we use for menial job makes a difference

If you are considering leaving the rat race behind and to go freelance or to work for yourself, I strongly recommend that you read the book Escape from Corporate America by Pamela Skillings before you take the plunge. Writing from experience of her own and years of consulting clients, she brought up a lot of relevant [...]